Skynet Corporation 001

Skynet Corporation 001 is now recruiting.

Small corporation living in the Aridia regions, part of a growing alliance.

We take part in most activities within new eden with a main focus on PV & PVE and industry.

The alliance is working on getting Sov & we are looking to expand our PVP capabilities to defend our home.

What we need:

PVP based pilots who are active across all timezones.

PVE/Industry pilots to help control indexes in our systems.

You must be generally active.

Who can Join?:

We will accept pilots new and old. We are a friendly growing alliance with some older and newer players.

We accept alphas & newbies.

What we offer:

Low tax rates for PVE activities.

Access to low-sec ratting and mining

Friendly alliance that will help people develop and grow to become the best at whatever they choose to do in eve.

Safety for newer players in our low sec or high sec systems.

Access to doctrine ships for defense and PVP

Fun roams and alliance PVP content.

PVE fleets

Mining fleets

SRP program for losses

What do we ask in return?

Be active

Help maintain defence of our home and fight bravely to maintain our status

Be respectful to everyone in alliance.

Be able to join fleets and actively participate in the growth of the corp.

Be able to at least listen during fleets via discord.


Join our discord:

Contact: Ron001 Yaken in game. Explain a bit about yourself. Blank appliacations will be rejected.



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