[SLOWU] SLOW University | The Premier Newbro Experience


Are you new to EVE Online? Are you a self-proclaimed newbro? Need an Alliance that actually teaches you how to play? How to have fun? Then SLOW University is the place for you! Our professors are ready to help you become the best EVE player you can be, so consider joining us today!

What do we want from you?

  • Be ready to learn, and have fun!

  • Be in Discord, have a mic, headset, or some way to talk with us, morse code works.

How to join SLOW University

  • Submit an application in-game to SLOW University, and then head on over to our Discord here: Slow Children at Play and we will help get you admitted to the university.

What can we offer our newbros?

  • 0% Tax Rate | We don’t tax our students. You keep what you make, period.

  • University Care Package and Welcome Program | A 500m ISK package.

  • University Ship Replacement Program | Access to the best ship replacement program among newbro corps in New Eden.

  • University Buyback Program | We maintain a buyback program for students in High-sec, Low-sec, and Null-sec space, as well as J-space we operate in, we offer the most competitive buyback rates in the game.

  • University BPO and BPC Library Program | We maintain an extensive BPO Library and BPC program for our members, at zero cost to them.

  • University Wiki and Forums | We maintain an extensive wiki and forum discussion board, if you enjoy wikis or forums, we are the place for you.

  • University Lectures and Classes | We offer amazing lectures and classes taught by professors with decades of experience. We believe to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

  • University Services Program | Learn what its like to run a public hauling service, a mission service, a delivery service, or countless other services. Our university services are run by students, for students, allowing us to teach you how to operate a service corporation with actual hands on experience.

  • University Relocation Assistance | Are you stuck in a run down newbro corp in the middle of nowhere? Don’t worry, we will help you move to our base of operations in High-sec, Low-sec, and Null-sec at zero cost to you.

  • University Giveaways | Do you like free stuff? So do we, so we give out free stuff, every single day to students! Just be active, and you to might win a free Rhea!

  • University Alliance Tournament Team | Interested in the Alliance Tournament? Join the SLOW University Alliance Tournament Team and show the world that newbros are just as good as the rest.

  • University Alpha Injector Program | Earn free Alpha Injectors in our University Alpha Injector Program, rewarding students for actively participating in classes, fleets, and content.

  • University zKillboard Rewards Program | Earn free ISK and other prizes for an active killboard. We encourage our students to actively hunt, join fleets, engage with the various NPSI communities, and become better EVE players.

  • Guest FCs and Fleets | We bring in guest FCs from corporations and alliances all over New Eden to help our students learn through a variety of fleets in a variety of locations.

  • Mine 4 Free Program | Mine worry-free with ships provided by the university to students, at no cost to them.

  • Explore 4 Free Program | Explore worry-free with exploration vessels provided by the university to students at no cost to them.

  • Free Frigate and Destroyer Warfare | PvP worry-free with ships provided by the university to students at no cost to them.

  • University Bombers Program | Do you like Bombers? Does the thought of blowing up things just make your day? Join us in our University Bomber Program, fly bombers, for free, and have a blast!

  • University Talwar Night | Join us in our weekly Talwar roam for students.

  • University Planetary Interaction | Want to partake in Planetary Interaction? Allow us to help you

  • University Skill Implant Reimbursement Program | Students are able to get reimbursed for +5 implants after training the necessary skills and participating in lessons and fleets.

  • University Skill Book Reimbursement Program | Students are able to get reimbursed for Skill Books related to university skill plans and doctrines.

  • University Faction Warfare | Interested in the Faction Warfare life? So are we! We offer our students direct access to Faction Warfare, and free ships to use in it, not to mention we will teach you just how Faction Warfare works! Isn’t that great?

  • University Wormhole Life | Interested in the Wormhole Life? It just so happens we have a lot of knowledge in Wormhole space, and we are ready to teach you what life living under Bob is like.

  • University Mining | Access the best belts, gas sites, and moons, our mining program offers students who want to mine a risk-free and profitable experience.

  • University Ratting | Access to the best ratting space, we offer top notch ratting space for our students!

  • University Merch | Want to show off your university pride? Do so with awesome merch available exclusively to SLOW University students!

  • University Game Nights and Contests | We host a variety of game nights and contests, from hanging out in our SLOW University Minecraft server, to running a Dungeons and Dragons night, we offer our students activities both inside and outside of EVE.

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