Small Alliance Seeking Null Sec Rental

We are a small alliance looking to become renters in Null Sec as an alliance. Ratting & Mining interests mainly. Have rented in other regions previously. Thank you in advance for responses.


Small? 1 member? lol.

If you are interested in Stain and growing your corp outside of the alliance we could consider you. Ping me in game for a chat if so.

Well why do you want to rent? We allow full corps to join our alliance depending on the size and interests. There are no mandtory fleet requirements and we understand RL comes first - check out our ad - RMC is providing stray dogs, cats and half eaten bats a forever home We would need you to go through the background checks but you wouldn’t pay for our space, you’d join with us. If you wanna have a chat there is a discord link in the above

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