Small Gang PvP Pilots Wanted - Needlejacking Null

Filthy Mofos are looking for all pilots interested in small-gang ops.

The new needlejack filaments are great for creating PvP content and we are looking for more people to join our adventures. We would like to form a small core of pilots so that we can regularly inject 5-10 people into null-sec to cause havoc in small, fast ships such as assault frigates and tactical destroyers.

We also have a public channel ‘Needlejack PvP’ for individuals interested in PvP, but do not want to join a specific corp or alliance.

Most ops are EUTZ and our corp is primarily Brits and Danes, but we welcome all pilots. Apply to the corp now or contact Darkfriar or Will Hurt in-game for more info.

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Solo Hecate pilot here. This sounds interesting, will have a visit this evening.

Great, we have been flying in hecates. Will look forward to speaking to you later :slight_smile:

I know, checked your KB :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump - more guys wanted.

Looking for more guys for regular roams. Preferably Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. 20:00 Eve Time.

Bump. More guys needed.

I can join, I am pretty new but interested.

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