Small group looking for a couple more. Nullsec NATZ

We are a small group of friends looking to add a couple more to our team. Our primary play time is Eastern (-5 GMT) from 8pm - midnight on a mostly nightly basis. We live in nullsec are blue to a large null block and are currently industry focused with the odd PvP on the side. Our group has been working together to achieve short and long-term goals and work on what I refer to as “projects”.

We are veteran players, thousands of kills and experience in all aspects of the game looking to pick up a couple possibly newer/less experienced players to share our extensive knowledge with. Or someone who just wants some people to hang out with and do things. We are all adults (30-45ish) looking for someone whose personality meshes well with ours. Are you looking for something similar? Send me a private message here or reply below and we can talk. Je parle français aussi.


Greetings Ellyn,

Have been lurking around the recruiting forums for a few days looking for something interesting. Have played EVE on and mostly off for a few years but always seem to come back to it. Having to re-learn the game after a layoff but starting to get the feel. Your post looked intriguing and I would like to learn more. I’m not smart enough to figure out private messaging on here so I will keep it short. Hopefully get a chance to chat with you.

Tow Mater

I’m not 100% sure about pming here I don’t think you can. If you’d like to come chat with me this is a link to a discord server.

Bump for good luck!
Reply below.

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