Small Industrial Corp LF WH or NS Alliance

Hi, we are a small industrial corp looking to set roots in a WH or NS.

Pm me on discord NoApologies420#2241

Hay bud drop me a ingame mail may have something for you

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If youre willing to merge we are looking to expand our corp industrial wing. We’ve got amazing sov to build literally anything you want and its pretty darn safe.

We are not looking to merge, we are very autonomous and stand on our own feet quite well, cheers though.

If you’re looking for a smaller start, my alliance is looking for smaller groups to join us in nullsec hit me up at Thermionix#8338 on discord

New alliance working to grow. close to full T2 production resources but need more indy / pvp pilots.

By the way bud I didn’t get chance to say to you left to quickly
I’ll put a word in with are alliance for you if word like that

yeah didn’t mean to drop off, I was on vacation and tired, hit the wrong button. whats your discord?

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hay bud jump on discord again try to evemail bud you have anti spam on

Rouchnecks … kicking ass and taking names….our alliance based in Great Wildlands/Scalding Pass SOV great for medium sized corp, If logging on and killing with experienced PVP pilots and making plenty of isk in the background, we striving to be an active force in the area and build a name for ourselves.

we are looking for self sufficient corps to join us in the fight,
we are looking for corps that want access to sov but are more then capable of pvp,

we fly everything from frig fleets to Caps, small to large, blops and roams.

if you think we are what your looking for feel free to contact either myself Feared General or Mike Lowe in game.

Fly Dangerous
RouchNecks Out

We are currently recruiting Indy Corps in our alliance to build ships, keep indy sites strong, etc. Our alliance has a number of Rorqual pilots for fleet support, production facilities, BPC’s as requested for many different needs, and support from the coalition. Please see our post here: 🇺🇸 S0NS of BaNE - 0.0 Alliance May there be clear skies for you!

PM sent

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