New Alliance - LF Indy / PvP pilots and leaders for NPC Null sec

new Link up! Sorry - even though its set to never expire they seem to expire…

Thanks btw

Bump - bad roam today. made some bad decisions but ti was still fun!

What TZ does your corp mostly function in?

sorry for the late response, i was in thew hospital a few days. but its east, central and pacific. Id say mainly east coast but im pacific myself.

we are very close o having a complete T2 production ability. Missing only 3 more goos.

And lets keep on growing. Come one come all!

very very busy night tonight on the PvP front and we have a moon op coming out this weekend for T2 production.

off on a filament roam we go!

Looking for more pilots!

JF run done, training done today. some training tomorrow. Looking for more pilots!

Finished a basic survival in null sec class. recorded it for new people coming to Eve. Looking for more pilots!

Videos uploaded and having some good times getting newbros into Eve!

Looking for more pilots!

Happy 4th of July all

Im New and looking for an Alliance to join… currently doing the Sister of eve missions. plz send invite to Sterling Mckenna .

we prefer to chat on comms to ensure you would fit in with the goofballs we currently have. If you can join us on discord we can chat then.

Had a nice little fight today…{"A"%3A[]%2C"B"%3A["99006751"]}/

Happy 4th!

Had a roam, wasnt much out there, couple kills but slow overall. Had a 15090 + test / Brave fleet next door creating tidi…not cool :slight_smile:

recruiting again, got the newest members settled in!