Sneaky moves by CCP

Just noticed that CCP did a sneaky move and nobody seemed to notice…I just checked the attributes for some of skills in the que and CCP took a 5x multiplier and made it 8x. Found another they made 10x, so I guess their $$$ solution is to make us sub up longer now if I you want a skill because you can’t train it as fast as before…SNEAKY MF change for some money grabbing.

Which skills are you looking at as a matter of interest ?

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Yeah, what skills?

Also, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume maliciousness. They could have simply been changing the multiplier to be more consistent with similar skills. For example, when the Precursor Science skills first released, one of them had a smaller multiplier than all the other science skills. So, they could have just been fixing mistakes.

Besides, if we’re talking omega skills here, you’d have to stay subbed to use them anyway. I dunno. Seems kind of bittervet-tinfoil-hatty to me.

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Provide the skills and the patch notes around when they changed to actually prove your claim, or go back under your bridge.

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Wouldn’t be an issue if you posted evidence of before/after

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