Forum tools not super intuitive

Maybe something to look at considering how modern this forum is supposed to be.

Any chance you can provide constructive criticism about what the problems are and how they can be improved? Otherwise this is just shitpost/trollpost.

:red_circle: What is not constructive about posting a practical issue about the forum in the Forum Feedback forum? Clearly, there is potential for confusion with some forum features that some of the users of these tools experience. I just reposted this issue in the respective forum for issues like these so that the people working on the forums see it. How about you do something constructive like me? :slight_smile:

You’re taking the quote completely out of context. Aurora was joking about herself - the “tools” in question were tools CCP uses, not players. That’s what makes this a shitpost.

:red_circle: I am not taking the quote out of context. This forum is not just about functionalities that players have access to. The admin panel and its features are part of the forum and can receive feedback as well. Such as the above.

“CCP-only forum moderation tools are non-intuitive” is not constructive criticism. This is a shitpost.

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