Question about feedback

Why is feedback automatically considered negative if you guys (moderators) don’t like it?

its the way you present it.


I am talking about ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

who seems to be the authority on abuse, he wields it and then is critical of other people. What other rules should we be aware of that are wielded whenever they like?

is it a typical situation where forum police can bully people at their fettered discretion.

I can assure you, what is completely NOT constructive, is shutting down other people’s discussions because you may not “get it”.

My guess is you also have some hidden rule if the boss is criticized for breaking his own rule I get a ban.

it’s usually the way you present it.


fettered discretion, illegal for governments to do it, immoral for private companies to do it. Policy feeds policy.

see none of this is relevant to the New Citizens Q&A forum.


I am new.

yes, but the thing you posted wasn’t a was a demand for ccp to balance the game to make it easier for you to play the game in an idealized fantasy way that doesn’t actually work in game. and then you insult ccp asking them what theyve been doing for 17 years for not making a game personally catered to your lack of understanding.


No, it was a suggestion, not a question. So CCP does not take suggestions anymore?!?! game is so old they don’t care? just want my money?

Discussing the moderation is one of the reasons why such threads are closed.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode, here somebody wants a confirmation. :sweat_smile:


this is New Citizens Q &A. the Q stands for questions. not suggestions.

not from new players when the suggestion regards something they have no idea what they’re talking about lmao.

if you have specific new player suggestions, toss them in general or player ideas. but don’t expect anyone to take you seriously if you’re new, have no understanding of the game, yet demand that ccp change the game to suit you. lol


The discussion will then happen elsewhere. Moderation unquestioned would seem to be harassment and bullying. I think the world is exposing these things in a greater way. Rules like this are no longer acceptable.

you know you’re free to leave these forums at any time, right?


Oh so this is how new people are welcomed?

new people with a snippy entitled attitude, yes


sounds like bullying

whatever, Karen. go complain to the manager.


Karen? Is this someone who has been bullied online endlessly?

Coming here with a holier than thou attitude or making the claims that you have, that resemble almost ranting or complaining will get a thread locked down. discussing threads being locked can also get that one locked… you are able to message the staff via flagging your own topic as “something else” if you wish to have a private conversation with a higher up.

Have you read the rules to the forum?
@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode posts the rules as does any other ISD whenever a particular rule was broken, and you are free to message them privately asking about said closure of topic.

but coming here, whining, and acting like you know more about a game, when you are “new” isn’t going to help your case one bit.


I reviewed Dorrim’s activities, he uses rule 3. all the time in situations which just look like he is bored, then he goes around looking for people to suck up to him. Or is fueled by the love granted to him by those who engage in what seems to be systemic bullying and racism in this forum.