So about these Brutor ship logs

The crime was committed within the Mandate against the Mandate, interfering with the investigation is at odds with Imperial sovereignty; when avowed enemies of the Empire seek to degrade its sovereignty, it is the duty of the Imperial Navy to obstruct them. When the Empire’s foes overcome its border militarily, that is by definition an incursion by hostile forces.

Your Republic would spend every single life in its fleet before accepting Imperial jurisdiction in their borders, that is roughly how enamoured we would be to accept Republic jurisdiction within the Empire.

No such demands have been made of the Republic, they disavow too promptly for anyone to be afforded the opportunity to demand, and the Elder Fleet taught us how much faith to place in their justice.

None was meted out for that, I expect no more for this.

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Enough has been said here already about EM’s involvement. Everyone reading this knows or can easily check what the facts of the matter are: where we crossed the border, with what, where did we dock, to do what, and where the incident happened, and who opened fire first.

Interpretations can be made and motivations assigned, but where such argument does not happen in good faith for understanding but for to win a war before it has even started, there is no point in repeating them over and over again.

The audience of the IGS might not be the wisest in the cluster, but everyone here that we need to care about knows the one who repeats his interpretations the loudest and longest is not necessarily the one who is in the right.


The navy did their job, we did ours. Neither Concord, nor the Empire have stated that we crossed jurisdictions.

Get over it and find a new slant.


I’m just going to say that the validity or lack thereof of EM using CONCORD independent capsuleer legislation to downplay acts of war against Amarr targets is an ancient debate that is really not worth any more time or effort.


Opening fire may constitute such a statement.


Feel free to reach out to the captain that opened fire for a statement.

Hetman General Filmir,

I have sent, by secure contract in Tierijev, an Encrypted Data Fragment that I acquired from the Dread attack on Tierijev IV, may it be of some use if your investigations


Hetman General;

I report the transfer of further logs, discovered in Tierijev, together with some weapons and samples of an unknown Viral Agent.

We remain loyal,
Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari


Hetman General,

We have additionally been able to negotiate for one of the encrypted logs from the Girani-Fa attack.
It has been contracted to you by me in the Electus Matari Fortizar in Pator.

You should now have ship logs from us for three of the attacks.

We remain loyal,
Arsia Elkin
Electus Matari


My lord Grand Master,

While it seems to be rather late to the situation. The Paladin Wardens of Providence have sent you a large contract of logs and fragments. May this be a token of our continued loyalty to the Empire.

Amarr Victor,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz