So you think your job stinks?

This job I would proudly doo doo


Holy crap! That’s much worse than being a chick sexer, which is rated as one of the most boring jobs in the world. After three years of training, a skilled chick sexer is supposed to sort 700 chicks every hour (average), with a 98 percent accuracy rate. But most people can only manage to work one 8-hour day, then they never show up again.

_CODE: 411.687-014Buy the DOT:Download _
_TITLE(s): CHICK SEXER (agriculture) _

Examines chick genitalia to determine their sex: Turns back skin fold of external cloacal opening or inserts illuminating viewer into cloaca to observe genitals. Places chicks into boxes according to sex. May mark content data on boxes of segregated chicks.

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And I thought being in the used sex toy industry was tough…

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Oh god, just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get worse


Is a chick sexer the same thing as a chick fluffer?

So many fluffers, so little time.

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