Society Of Misfits: Established Laid Back Nullsec Corp

We’re a growing gaming community proudly part of What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, an active Sov Holding Alliance in Red Menace Coalition

What We Offer;

  • Extensive & Profitable Buyback Scheme
  • Access to R4’s through to R64’s
  • Availability of Multiple Ice Systems
  • Freedom to Use Plenty of Upgraded Sov Systems
  • Plenty of PvP from Small Gang to Coalition Fleets
  • Relaxed and Laid Back Environment

What We Like To See;

  • Members Enjoying The Game
  • Desire To Be Part Of A Community
  • Not Taking Games Too Seriously
  • Willingness To Be On Comms

We’re looking to grow our numbers and provide a no commitment gaming community with a home for players who just want to enjoy themselves.

Public Channels: MSFT- Public Society of Misfits

Looking for Small Gang PvPers!

Come and join our ridiculous choices!

Got plenty of Moons and Anomalies to mine!

Come join in our Mining Ops!

Join me for some ESS Shenanigans!

Looking to support some High Sec Miners…

Great place for FW players alts to make some background isk!

Plenty of space to utilise!

Got any Black Ops Pilots looking for a home?

Steadily growing at the moment :slight_smile:

Need some more people to fill my JF hold!

Got all the Mining Boosts ready and setup for the coming changes!

Need more front line fighters in on the action!

Still open for recruitment!

Need more members to help fight our front lines!

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