Solar Exchange Seeks Players


We are looking for eve players to join our corporation. We’re recruiting active alpha players with microphones, and discord. We are currently based in high security caldari space.

Our Beliefs
We are a unique corporation trying to do things differently then other corporations (no mandatory voice except during operations, pvp) and no mandatory “play this way” concepts (ie forcing miners to pvp).

We believe in balance through the different styles of game play each contributing to the whole sum of what we are as opposed to industrialized versions of everyone being remolded for efficiency.

We are also seeking founded members to take on officer/leadership roles however there is some requirements to this to obtain rank upon joining. You will need to contact me directly to discuss this further if you are interested.

Potential alliance etc recruiters

  1. We are not interested in wormhole space
  2. Ee are not interested in merging into you
    Thanks for your offers

Thanks for your time feel free to contact me in game.

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