Solar Misfits wants LS/HS miners and PVP peeps

LS group looking to bolster our numbers with industry minded peeps.

US timezones, from East to West coasts. Have characters that can refine or build things for you while you skill up.

We desire fun people to do STUFF with. Mining, building, and regular pvp. We’re a helpful bunch, but really want to keep our activities in the FUN zone, no drama - PLEASE!

We’ve got comms, and have been known to play other games for those moments when New Eden’s Sodium Chroride overfloweth.

Fly safe!

Looking for people that want to have fun. Sinking our teeth into industry for starters, and increasing our presence in LS. People with the ambition to fly Caps are a plus, but patience and persistence are valued high as well!

Solar Misfits and friends engaged with caps and subcap support last night. Then threw the first pieces of a Rorqual in the oven, and chased some pilots out of our turf. Good times that we could have shared with you! Apply today!

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