SOLD 10m extracted Gila char


Selling this extracted Gila character. I used it to abyssal sites, but I found that no fun. Account runs out in 8 days, would like to sell before.

If you send mails, please send them to Frank Pannon, not checking this char inbox.


All CCP rules followed, positive ISK, located in Perimeter.


Good drones
Good engineering
Capital ships + Minmatar dread injected
Some skins, Naglfar Exo included
Interesting email history :wink:
2x Mid grade crystal set (except Omega) - worth 1B alone

Looking for offers, I calculated 9,5B.

Wash your hands.

4b isk here

Did not have time to make calculations yet, but 4B does feel a bit … opportunistic.

Looking forward to more realistic ones :slight_smile:

Price updated.


All right, please send account name and ISK.

5b isk

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