[SOLD] ~13.5m SP Caldari Freighter pilot

Up for sale is myself

I will receive payment ISK

EveBoard link
In the Deep Core Mining Inc. NPC Corp
Positive 25,100 ISK wallet
No Kill rights for or against
No jump clones
Located in Tolle
Remap available now +2 bonus remaps
100k unallocated SP

Can fly a Charon.
Needs mining frig 3 & will be able to fly a Hulk/exhumer.

I will pay transfer fee.


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8.5b offer


You’ve undersold this toon, it’s one hell of a mining pilot as well. I’ll give you 9.5b

LMAO, price pump so seller can dump… don’t fall for it

It’s not a bad toon and injectors are insane in price and plex is ridiculous as well. 10.5b for a 13m+ toon is worth it.

bump your bid to 10Bn and we can talk deal…

Still for sale

8bil cash ready right now

8.5b ISKs in hand

If your still interested, I’ll take 9.5Bn

Still for sale, will consider offers

9.9 Bli can i ?

I will accept 9.9Bn

PM me with account details once ISK transfer complete.

Withdrawing offer

Still for sale, will entertain reasonable offers

8.7b, best and final offer. Isk in hand.

9.5b final,isk ready

account char313h
9.5b final,isk ready


PM me with account details once ISK transferred.

isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail.