SOLD 131 mil SP all 4 supercarrier/carrier/faux

Maxed out supercarrier, carrier and faux auxiliary pilot.

Comes with HG Slaves with HG-1008


-0.1 sec
No kill rights
Remap available
Located in Jita 4-4
2 other clones with cheap implants in lowsec

Offers over at 110 bil
130 bil buyout

110b offer

Thanks for the offer. Bump

Still up for sale. Up we go!


Thank you for the offer. Placing a buyout of 130 Bil

Best offer still 115 B. Bump

yes 115b

Skills link not accessible

any update do you wanna sell

please confirm else i will buy something else

120bil i am same guy as elayne insane offer valid for 24hours

Apologies skills are now available via a different website (old one wouldn’t work for some reason)

125 bil and I’m yours

ok 125 bil it is then

you just have to wait for few days i can send 100 bil now rest 25 i neeed 3-5 days if that is cool wit you

nvm i am liquidating assets now soi require this today

B/O accepted. Awaiting isk and account info

ok give me 1 hour

I have to go but will check back in tomorrow evening. Feel free to send the money and details over when it is ready or wait until I am back.