SOLD 20.5m Recon5 Covops5 Cyno5 - perfect scanner w. 1.5b Virtue clone

Friendly neighborhood blops/wormhole hunter here, looking for a new home.

  • Covops 5, Recon 5, All Scanning + Hacking/Archaeology 5
  • Cal frig 5, Gal cruiser 5
  • Inties, Bombers trained
  • Cybernetics 5, +5 learning clone
  • Support skills are acceptable
  • Didn’t actually ignore drones, got t2 light and mediums
  • Torps, Bombs
  • EWAR / t2 Damps
  • +5 Learning clone
  • 1.5b Virtue scanning / hacking clone with Blackglass
  • Positive wallet , no kill rights, located in Jita
  • name is so oldschool nerdy that it’s sexy

18b :slight_smile:

Bump, would like to see some higher bids. :blush:

offered you 18.5b in my wtb topic.

19b :slight_smile:

Alright, agreeing to 19b so far, waiting for account info and isk :smiling_face:

sending mail in 5-10

Mail and Isk sent

Isk received, char transfer initialized

Fly safe, but drop some krabs for me. :blush:

I got you :slight_smile: