SOLD 262m SP PVP Character

This character is for sale: Zamolxiss

Current in an NPC Corp as of earlier today, although the above link has not yet updated:

259 million SP, plus a further three million unallocated and available.

  • Currently docked in Jita 4-4
  • Positive wallet
  • 3.7 security status
  • No kill rights
  • Seven jump clones with various learning and hardwiring implants (including one clone with a full set of +5 learning implants, one with a full set of +4 learning implants, and another with a full set of mid-grade Talismans)
  • One empty clone is located in an NPC station in Pure Blind,
  • One clone with a +3s and some skill hardwirings is located in Thera
  • All other clones are in highsec
  • Neural remap available

Buyout at 265b, otherwise happy bidding!

180B offers

200B offer

230B offer

240B offer

265B offer

Offer accepted, please send the ISK and the account to receive the character in-game and I’ll start the transfer ASAP.

I’m working and I’m going home to handle it

ISK and account information sent. Awaiting conformation of transfer start.

Thanks - payment received and character transfer initiated:

Received game characters

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