SOLD 2x Naglfar pilots 16-22-23m SP

Il be selling three pilots. (Individual pilot sales also possible) All pilots have great Engineering, Targeting and (active) Shield skills. They are perfect for high end wormhole ratting or some fun hot dropping. They can also all fly the Leshak with T2 guns.

  • Have positive wallet balance
  • Have no jump clones
  • Have no kill rights
  • Are located in Jita IV

SP Details


I am for sale

I am for sale

Ill give you 27 for all.

26 for all

26,5 b

Sorry but no thanks. Even with the horrible extraction market this week i would get about 24 bil from extraction alone… current offers aint worth my 60 euro transfer cost.

Btw you can also bid for individual characters. If anyone wants to

what do you expect do get for them?

I redid my calculation and its actually about 27 bil extraction value (unless i am mistaken again, in which case please correct me). I personally find 60 euro to be worth about 8 bil. In which case i expect about 35 bil for it to start be worth it for me.

Consider those guys as extraction service. They’ll extract your toon for you. For a fee.

Current extraction value is 300M ISK per 500k sp. So your toons are 27.9 bil worth. That’s maximum you can expect form those guys, I guess, giving little to no profit.

Your 60 euro is 3 * 500 plex, and it’s 3.7 bil.

35 bil and it’s yours

Was looking around and I actually found a guy with similair chars. This was the thread :

Altough I really like your offers, i feel like I could get some more out of it when waiting.

I feel bad for doing this. But since i am not in a rush and the transfer fee is high they are yours for 37 bil.

No worries.
And indeed at first you would have gotten it for 34.5/35. But I wasn´t sure whether it was a great deal so i looked around and changed my mind. Just like you could have changed your mind and could retract your offer. Doesn´t mean its lieing.
Anyway, if you ever change your mind let me know. If you only need 2 pilots you can also buy the 2 fully trained pilots and leave the other one be,

28.5bil I think 14.5/14.5/8.5 for not perfect if you want 37b total, let’s do it right now then

sounds fair. Let me know when you sended the isk (doesnt matter which of the two chars you send them to) and let me know which character you want to which account.

Il make the transfer immediately afterwards

Okay, I should be at home in…3 hours hopefully I will send 28.5bil to The Scanner Udan if you don’t mind + need to create 2 accounts :eyes:

Well, I am at home, give me 15-30 minutes please

no worries. take your time

iskies sent

let me create accounts…wait for a mail