SOLD - 30.5M SP Focused Rorqual Pilot

For Sale: Focused Rorqual Pilot (removed password as that seemed to have caused some problems for people)

Located in High Sec (Perimeter)
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Killrights

Full +5 implant set

Starting Bid: 28b
Buy-out: 34b

Eventhough I check here regularly, I may not respond immediately (the whole “work during the day” thing. Usually within a few hours.
For any questions or negotiations, you can also contact me in-game on Maddicus theGreat

How many times a day you intend to bump this thread, by modifying original post?

Your role link cannot be opened.

I removed the password

ok 28b

looking for a bit more, but it’s a good starting point

B/O 31b. This is the highest price I can offer. Please confirm it in one day or I’ll give up.

I accept 31b.
Transfer isk and send email with account name to transfer to. I will monitor for another 1-2 hours before i head to bed

I can also offer you a T2 fit Rorqual, ready to mine, with excavators and fuel


Transfer 31b to character Rock Basher. I’ll take it from there, and start the transfer

Rock Basher
Please confirm whether it is the name?

that is correct

The money has been sent to the person. Please confirm.

ISK received. Please send me the account name to transfer this character to. send evemail with the account name to Rock Basher

Just a moment, please. I’m setting up a new account.

my account is ss282540338

Transfer started. I am waiting for the confirmation email

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear Maddicus,

You have chosen to transfer the character Rock Basher to the account named ss282540338.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

I have received a confirmation email. Thank you.