SOLD 37m Focused Indy - Rorq w/ Boosting, Capital Builder, PI, 5.4m Unalloc!

Highly focused indy toon
Beautifully flies the rorq, boosts and mines, processes the ore and builds capitals with PI going in the background

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, No kill rights
2 Bonus Remaps Available (Currently Intel/Memory)
31.8m SP + 5,426,000 Unallocated SP = 37.2m SP

JC 1 - located in Jita 4-4 - 2.7b, incl Genos, ORE Faction Mindlink, 5%'s

Approx. 2b of skillbooks

Buyout starting at 33b

20b offer

As entertaining as it isn’t to watch account traders lowball, please don’t. This is not an auction and no calls for offers were asked for. Your lowball offers confuse legitimate buyers which is presumerably a side benefit for you, to the detriment of these forums.

So to clarify for the real buyers;
Price is a calculated 33b which is the current value at a ‘fair’ price
The Extraction value is 24.3b, I put a 1.2x modifier on being ‘focused’, which takes it to 29b, you then have 2b transfer cost, 31b, I then put a 0.5x modifier on the 2.7b implants, 2b skillbooks, giving 33b, rather than 36b.

Kindly refrain from any further lowball offers, this is a buyout only thread, and the price is a firm 33b.


33B BO

accepted, pending isk/account

10 minutes it will be on your wallet.

Did you get the isk? sent to Jane Otsito

account name has been sent along with the isk

Account name mail received, but no isk has been received

it went to your alt janet otsito

I suggest you ticket CCP and pray that you get it back, I have no alt ‘Janet Otsito’

I will see I will send again to you…geez

should have isk now…

isk received & transfer started

received all is well

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