SOLD: 37M+ SP Amarr Pilot


(Maagor Jeikhan) #1

I purchased this character a bit ago, and well am not using him to his fullest potential and figured someone else could get better use out of him.

CCP Requirements:
Positive Wallet
Located in Amarr
No Kill Rights
5.0 Sec Status
I pay transfer fee


Eveboard seems to be on the fritz right now and will not let me post his link. Instead here is the API for you to see the skills for now until Eveboard is fixed.

Key ID: 6461151
Verification Code: MO9VF4a6W2biu6AqdLNwswAXXQvpnFqJyZajDSNfcazhAEUXaaHQ2Z9hHg2Dvyfs

Character Highlights:

+4 attribute implants (Slots 1-5)
5% Turret Tracking Speed (Slot 7)
5% All Turret Damage (Slot 9)
5% Lg. Energy Turret Damage (Slot 10)
Remap: Avail Now. 1 Bonus Remap
9+ Standing with both Amarr & Caldari Navy
Logi 5
Marauders 5
All Gunnery support skills at 5 (Surgical strike finishing the last 5d 8h at the time of this posting)
Decent shield/armor tanking skills

Also has the following skins:

Blood Raider - Abaddon
Kador: Apoc, Geddon, Arbitrator, Punisher, Sigil
Raata Sunset: Guardian

All bids must be posted on the forums, I do not play this character often, so will not be checking mail. The character will continue to train until sold.

If there is more you would like to know about the character, please post here and I will answer any/all questions.

Starting Bid: 27B
Buyout: 35B

(Ruthless WarChild) #2

24 Billion ISK B/O offer ISK and account info ready

(Maagor Jeikhan) #4

Just added one, open to reasonable offers as well.

(Maagor Jeikhan) #6

Character is still for sale.

(Maagor Jeikhan) #8

Mia Z, let’s go ahead and get the process started. Please send ISK and account details if you still want the character. Post on here once you have done so and we will go from there.

(Maagor Jeikhan) #11

ISK & Account info received. Transfer process has been started.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Maagor Jeikhan

Will be completed after: 9/20/2017 3:13:13 AM

(system) #12

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