SOLD - 42mil sp Caldari/Amarr PvP/PvE toon

Confirming I am for sale.

  • Covert Cyno
  • Logistics
  • Recon
  • Tech 3s
  • Great core skills
  • Good PvP/PvE skills

Positive sec status, positive wallet, located in Jita.

Buy out 38bil or best offer.

Contact me in game for questions/offers for Xeno Templar.

32bil buy offer


33.5bil buy offer

Bump, Buyout is 38bil

Otherwise I will leave this up for a week or so and take the best offer.

34 bil

I’ll offer buy out of 38 billion.

soon as confirmed i’ll send cash and account details

Sold for buyout to Holly Haulalot

Isk and account information sent to MyCarrion as requested

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