[Sold] WTS 20M Caldari Super pilot (Wyvern/Chimera)

WTS This Caldari super pilot with 20m sp.
It was not trained to just sit in supers, but actually has skills to use it.
Comes with a high-grade talisman set of implants and several other +5% implants.
Mostly clean kb, never made a real use of it.

Starting at 15B,
Buyout at 20B.

I’ll offer 17b

If he backs out I’ll offer 14.5 bil

Quite interested, I will wait a bit more and will accept unless a better offer comes up.

While you’re waiting for that can you dislcose, kill rights, jump clones, chracter location etc?


  • no kill rights
  • no jump clones
  • located in Duripant (1.0)
  • wallet will be 0

If you’re still interested it’s yours

Isk sent.

Transfer initiated.

Character received.

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