*** SOLD *** 47.4m SP - Focused mining, processing and industry (Rorq pilot)

3 of 7 - Zykes Sigma

47.4m SP - Focused mining, processing and industry (Rorq pilot)


Isk positive wallet

No kill rights

No clones

Located Jita

84 extractable injectors * (injector value - extractor value)

=31b extraction value.

Reserve 36b
Buyout 39b

This is just 1 out of 7 characters I’m selling; all focused around mining/industry/processing and manufacturing, including rorq pilots and a freighter pilot. This investment will turnover trillions in the long-run. See link for the other 6 characters in this fleet set:




36 bil (offer stands unless I find another character

@Jahang_Dethahal Offer accepted. The character is yours if you want it.

Offer accepted. Congratulations the character is yours!
Isk goes to Biff Parker and I can get the transfer on the way.

Isk paid and in-game message with account to transfer to

Isk received. Character transfer lodged. May take up to 10 hours, or after next downtime.
Thanks for the trade and enjoy your new character!

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