WTS 270m SP fleet of 7 focused characters

WTS 7 high SP characters all focused around Mining/industry/processing and manufacturing, including rorq pilots and other fleet support. These characters range from 27m to 49m SP EACH and are all focused trained. A total of 270m SP is for sale.

I am not selling these characters to people looking to extract and make profit. These characters are priced for people who wish to play the game and jump into one of the most lucrative professions in Eve Online. With recent changes to industry this is an investment that will turn over trillions in the long run.

I am not in a hurry to sell, prices remain concrete. Keep in mind this will cost me $140usd to transfer 7 characters.

1/7 - 32.5m SP - Focused Mining and Planetary interaction.

2/7 - *** SOLD *** 31.2m SP - Focused mining, resource processing, fleet support and rorq pilot.

3/7 - *** SOLD *** 47.4m SP - Focused mining, processing and industry. Partial Rorq pilot.

4/7 *** SOLD *** - 49.4m SP - Focused mining, processing

5/7 - 47.7m SP - Focused Rorq/Orca pilot.

6/7 - 32.5m SP - Focused Mining and resources processing.

7/7 SOLD - 27.5m SP - Focused Freighter pilot (Obelisk)

do any of these pilots come with the ships they are trained to fly?

Just the pilots. Should have them posted within 24 hours.

All characters should be visible now

no characters that are sold comes with assets that can be purchased in game.

Hi Paris. Will get back to you very soon.

@Paris I appreciate the offer, but to meet the reserve price of each of the 7 characters, it would be 200billion.

These characters have only recently come onto the market, so i would like to wait some time for new offers.

You can leave whatever assets you want on a character. It’s always a nice surprise to see a couple bil or more in assets that the previous owner was too lazy to move off. You however cannot include any assets in the purchase price of a character.

The only “assets” if you wish to consider them that which can be included are (that I’m aware of)

  • redeemed skins
  • plugged in implants (JC included)

@Paris I can see a couple bids from you. To make your offer official and legal with Bazaar, can you please place your bids on each character. Cheers.

No worries.



Taking 10bill off the reserve price, for anyone looking to buy the complete set of 7.
190 Bill.



Extracting all characters in 11 days if no reserves met.

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