[SOLD] 5.1m Skill Farm / PI / Covert Hauler

And the boss is continuing with the layoffs around here…


Skills of note
Cybernetics V
Command Center Upgrades V
Interplanetary Consolidation IV
Gallente Industrial V (max Epithal)
Transport Ships IV (Viator, Occator)
Cloaking IV (Covert cloak for the Viator)
Scanning skills 4/2/2/2 for all T1 modules

One bonus remap available
Annual remap available on October 6

The required details
NPC Corp
Zero wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Located in Jita

This is a PLEX transfer

5B or best offer.

I will start the bidding at 4.5b

5B Buyout isk ready

5.1 B

5.2 bil

Well, looks like Seddow has certainly made the best offer.

Please send ISK and account details, then I will open the transfer ticket.

Isk and username sent.

5.5 B

Sorry @River_Love but I had already accepted Seddow’s offer and will honor it.

@Seddow ISK and email received. Transfer ticket has been opened. Thank you.

Thank you <3

Damn I would have done more. Stupid work :stuck_out_tongue:

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