SOLD 5.3m Skillpoints (Exhumer)

(Spitting Feathers) #1


I want to sell Spitting Feathers.

  • Wallet balance
    0 ISK at time of Transfer
  • Kill rights
  • Jump clones
  • Character location
    Amarr (HS)

She is able to handle a Skiff

Please leave your Offers below. Thanks!

B/O: 4B

(Absolute Truth) #2

2.2b offered, isk ready

(Zonyas) #3

2.5b isk

(Vyechney Nokov) #4

3b isk waiting now

(Spitting Feathers) #5

Still for Sale

(Kru Kedd) #6

Ill hit you up with 3,5b

(Get Right) #7

@Kru_Kedd accepted. In Case you are still interested feel free to send ISK and Account Details.

I am back Home around 18.00 EVE Time to initiate the Transfer.

(Kru Kedd) #8

Lets talk at 1800 then

(Get Right) #9

I wont be able to be that much online today since I am finishing some Art Work Projects in RL later on. So it would be great if I would just have to initiate the Transfer or answer some Questions on the go, tbh.

Let me know.
Kind Regards

(Suk Mike Koh) #10

Still up for sale?

(Spitting Feathers) #11

So far I am still for Sale, yes.

(Suk Mike Koh) #12

3.5b isk ready…
I’ll be able to transfer the isk once i get back home,
in 3 hours cause i’m in work atm…

(Spitting Feathers) #13

No worries, I am at Work as well.

I accept your Offer of 3.5B and will initiate the Transfer once everything is received and I am back Home around 17.00 EVE Time.


(Siex) #14

3.6b b/o

(Spitting Feathers) #15

I appreciate your Offer but the Character is already sold, Siex. In Addition its not worth dishonoring a Deal for 100m tbh.

(Suk Mike Koh) #16

Isk and account info sent to Spitting Feathers!
Thanx for ur intergrity…

(Spitting Feathers) #17

Great I will transfer her as soon as I am back Home. I’ll let you know when its done.

(Spitting Feathers) #18

Please excuse the Delay. RL had something different in mind for me today … but anyways, I just tried to start the Transfer and it says that the Accountname is unknown. Can you please check it? I am around for a few more Hours and will check Forum regularly.

Going to bed now. I’ll check Forum and Mail right after I wake up. Sorry for these Inconveniences.

(Suk Mike Koh) #19

Check in game mail pls…
Was too wasted from RL issues last night so i mistyped the account name…

(Spitting Feathers) #20

I just saw your post and initiated the Transfer. Enjoy her and thank you very much for your patience and kindness!

Dear xxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Spitting Feathers to the account named xxx.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.