SOLD - 53m Incursion Hauler, Scanner, PI - Full Mid-grade Nomad set

53m Passive Hauler, Scanner PI - Full Mid-grade Nomad set

EveSkillboard - Mikieus_Monieus

Currently flying- Useful for moving incursion stuffs
Bowhead, Freighter (Cold Iron Skin), Prorator (Cold Iron Skin), Impel, Orca (Gallente Industrial Livery)
NOTE: These currently fitted ships above are NOT included in this Auction, but post auction the winning bidder/bo can exercise an unrelated option to purchase at 50% Evepraisal.
Does not possess but can fly Jump Freighter ARK.

Mikieus_Monieus will be wearing 'Semiotique Body Modification, ‘Semiotique Sports’ Pants and Men’s ‘Semiotique Sports’ Shoes. when transferred.

Unallocated points 150,000
Bonus Remaps Available: 2

All CCP Rules apply.

Character is in accessible Highsec (Ansalle).

I will pay for transfer.
Positive wallet of 10m
No kill rights.
Character is in NPC Corp (from today).
Min 500m bidding increments please.
Start bid 27b
Buyout 31.5b
Accepted bids will be finalised on Wednesday 24th or will consider reasonable BO offers over the weekend.

Good luck and any questions can be asked in game as well.

Start by 27b and see where it will go

Thank you for your bid Vinny_DaMini, much appreciated.

Final bids for this auction will be on Wednesday

27.5 b

Good value with the extras that come with this character, four days to go.

Thanks for the bid Marilyn Mansonoo7, much appreciated.

Three days to go, thanks for all interest in and out of game to-date.

28B B/O

28.5 bid

Pure suggestion, I think your price can be around 34.4B plus your added value, this is not an offer, just because you are very polite

Thank you Alphaeleven Ishikela and Caprlca 6 for your offers, they are very much appreciated.

and Vinny DaMini your advice is also very warmly welcomed. I have to go to work, but later today I think I’ll put up a BO a bit under your recommendation as I still want this to be of value and equaly proffitable to both parties. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

The BO has now been set 3b below the suggested price. (thank you Vinny DaMini)

This includes the added value of the aforementioned Semiotique apparel skins and applied ship skins .

In addition the winning bidder/bo can exercise an unrelated option to purchase at 50% Evepraisal, this characters ships, a fitted Bowhead, Providence, Prorator, Impel, Orca, totalling approximately 10b as estimated by Evepraisal, which will if wanted will be available for only 5b.

( I will offer a private contract so they can see the value prior to making a decision to exercise this option)

BTW where are those ships?

Good morning Vivvy DaMini.

They are at the same location as the the Character, Ansalle, Kiartanne, Verge Vendor.

Good evening spacefarers,

I’m shorty about to have my dinner and will be back on later.

This auction will end at 22:00 game time this evening. The BO is now 31.5, had a good day work. :slight_smile:

The winning bidder/bo will be sent an in-game mail to exercise if they want to discuss the ships.

Have a good evening all and I justed experess my appreciation to all the particpants. Mikieus :smiley:

28,7 B

Thank you Alphaeleven Ishikela for your bid, its very much appreciated.

To be fair to those who have bid already and the terms of this auction the bids have to be in Min 500m increments in order to be valid. Thank you.

This auction ends in less than 2 hours, good luck and thanks to all who have particpated.

Just after 10pm now and the winning bid of 28.5b from Caprlca 6 is accepted.

Regretably Alphaeleven Ishikela though I endeavoured to respond in this topic and in game I have to reject your bid as it did not follow the terms of the auction.

Well done Caprlca 6, please respond to this topic or in game to complete the sale and if you are interested, you can exercise the ships option.

Thanks to all who particpated. o7

I’m late

i can 29bil