SOLD - 53m Incursion Hauler, Scanner, PI - Full Mid-grade Nomad set

As there has been no responses to commications made to the origional winning bidder in or out of game for over 21 hours, I now accept the bid made by Marilyn Mansonoo7 of 29 bil as the auction winning bid.

These details have also been communicated in game to both parties.

ISK sent with account names in reason of transfer as well as an evemail
please confirm the transfer and thank you for the trade =)

Hi Marilyn Mansonoo7

ISk has been received and the transfer process started.

My alt has also created a private contract for the 10b of ships at a 50% discount of 5b for you to accept if you want them.

I have received a transfer confirmation email from CCP

"Dear ********

You have chosen to transfer the character Mikieus Monieus to the account named **************."

Thank you for your business, which is very much appreciated.

OK 5bil i accept

Hi Marilyn Mansonoo7

I put the ships in a contract to you from my alt.

Thanks for the trades, very much appreciated.