WTS - One Starter Pilot 2b+

This pilot is for sale, starting bids 2 billion

Me: Timezone UK GMT - Weekdays at work, Eve time, evenings and weekends,

  • Buy Outs or Highest Bids on Saturday the 23/2/19 downtime win
  • All my sales are transferred using card associated with previous payments to CCP.
  • Alt Account which I will transfer the Isk to is Mikieus Monieus

Selling: Mieke Masdon
Current SP : 4.280m
Good Name and History (228 days only ever in NPC corp)
Positive wallet (6.6 million)
No Kill rights
Bonus Remaps 2 + 1 current
Security Status 0.0
Located in : Sarum Prime in fitted Venture (ship comes with sale)
This Chr only flys Amarr ships - Currently training Drones III

Start Bid: 2 Billion
BO: 3.3 Billion

When bidding, please refer to Pilot by their number and or name if you prefer. All bids will respected and the sales will be completed on Saturday after downtime if the ISK payments are sent when your bid is named the winner.

Single character sale posts must be made by the character being sold.

Closing, You are free to remade your post, but please make sure to review the character bazaar forum rules. :slight_smile:

Thank you!