WTS 120M beautiful pilot

as you can see from the picture
NPC Corp
Positive wallet
Located in Jita
Security Status 0.24
No killrights
80 B start bid
100 B BO

please leave messages here…I do not connect for a while
thank you all

Your pilot should confirm that she is for sale.

it’s mine alt…
I confirm to be on sale

bump :slight_smile:

70b or free bump

I would like to have a wife in eve. what’s the price for that?

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ill start you off with 75bil

thanks for the offer

if i sell my injectors and stuff ill bump up to 80b but that would eb max i could go but isk in hand

thanks for the offer. we are at 80B for this beautiful pilot


81 bil

Thanks for the offer. We have reached 81 billion

82 bil

Thanks for the offer. We have reached 82 billion.

Good day everyone, the auction will end on Saturday 27 October … at the end the highest bid will win this beautiful pilot



auction ended. I sent the email to the winner to arrange the transfer. Thanks a lot to everyone

Hi Sisa,
you can send 82 B to Blackwillie…at ISK arrives, I proceed with the transfer of the account.