117mill sp carrier/dread pilot

Hi! anyone who can rate this for me?


if it asks for a pass its 1234…

if the price is right it can be yours!


anyone interested?

91 bil

94 bil

95 bil

96 bil



100 Bill and it is yours :grin:


deal gimme 5 mins and will transfr money

Wait for to Night, im NOT home atm and writing from my phone

no worries, im uk tz so will b on for about 7-8 hours

ill log on and write to you :grin:

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isk transferred as per convo in game, and evemail sent with account details

Money recieved and toon transfered

receive confirmation, many thanks and good luck :slight_smile:

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You were missing alot of information in this thread and shouldn’t be allowed to sell this character.

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