Selling Sub-/Cap Pilot with 60,6 mil SP

Reopend starting at 45b

Buyout 65b

positiv Wallet
in Jita
no Corp
Skills here :

daily bump

Can do 45b. Have any other implants besides the improved ones? Hel skins?

1t ofter noted
1 Hel skin is there, implants non.
Wich skin it is i tell u on Sunday cause then i can take a look for it.

Hel Hunter’s Quiver SKIN on the Char and 40 other Skins

if till Friday no other makes a ofter, u can have the Char for 45b

bump up


Canceled? :confounded:

yeah sry, cause short work (covid19) i dont have the 20€ left for a transfer to a other Account. Big Sry!

Dang sorry to hear that :pensive:

Hope you find work soon! o7

bump up the Thread

bumpy dampy

40B ISK ready

45 bil

and bump again…

Ends on 09/01/2020 22:00 CET
Place ur Bid

and up we bump it!
4 Days left, if no one other place a Bid, Brumion wins it for 45b

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allmost last Chance, place a Bid or miss it!

46 bil.

Bid registrated