Selling Sub-/Cap Pilot with 60,6 mil SP

47 bil

Bid registeredā€¦
9 1/2 Hours to go.
I know u want it, place ur bid and get it!

47.1 bil

100 mil dude? Cā€™mon.

47.11 bil

47.2 :slight_smile:

i hope saipfedias will just invalidate your bid as this isnā€™t eve marketplace where .0001 isk wins


Sry Ronimil, ur Bid is rejected.
Leader Meep Ostus.

Little Info:

If the Winner of this Char dont pay or something went wrong, 2cnd Place gets his Chanceā€¦ and the same if he/she dont pay and so on :smiley:

My bid was sarcastic to Meepā€™s 100 mil bids. Most people bid 1 bil or at least 500 mil

48 bil

i know but they think they can get a char cheap as fuc*ā€¦ thx Bruminonā€¦ ur the Leader atm
8 Hours and 3 Minutes remainingā€¦

im getting Sick so dont know if i can end that here at 10pm CETā€¦i hope i can keep my self up till there!

so the Winner is Bruminonā€¦
send the ISK and ACcount Information to me and we start it.

Will be home in hour or so and Iā€™ll send it. Thanks

im waiting for ur Mail^^

Sorry man Iā€™m just on my phone and still havenā€™t been able to go home. :flushed:

As soon as Iā€™m home I will load Eve and send ISK and info.

im online for the next hours so dont get stressed :smiley:

ISK and info sent. Sorry for delay !

transfer initiated!
Have fun with the Charakter!

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