(Mieke Masdon) #1


(Mikieus Monieus) #2

Hoping to sell this pilot by Saturday, even if it only receives one bid.

(Mikieus Monieus) #3

This nice Amarrian starter pilot as no corp history and the initial skills trained.

(Queen Estoria) #4

Offering 1.5 bil, evemail me ingame or add me on discord “Allerion#9505” to get in contact with me faster.

(Aakiwa Tekitsu) #5

offering 2 bil

(Queen Estoria) #6

2.25 bil

(Rebecca Jin) #7


(Mikieus Monieus) #8

Thank you for your successful bid Rebecca Jin.

When you are ready please transfer the 2.5 billion to Mieke Masdon. Send an in game mail with the details of the account that you want the pilot transferred to.

As soon as that is done, I will initiate the transfer process and when I get the confirmation mail I will update this topic to confirm the process has started. Thanks

(Mikieus Monieus) #9

Isk received and transferred to me.

Awaiting in-game mail of account you want pilot transferred to.


(Mikieus Monieus) #10

Thank you for your instructions, I confirm that the pilot will be transferred to your chosen account at the time you have specified.

Thank you again.

I will update the post when I have completed your instructions. 07

(Rebecca Jin) #11

I can accept character now, thanks!
Sorry for delay.

(Mikieus Monieus) #12

Sorry for the delay, I fell asleep, transferring the character now

(Mikieus Monieus) #13

Transfer process paid for and initiated. Receipt message below:

You have chosen to transfer the character Mieke Masdon to the account named ********.

Again apologies for the delay, fell asleep and went to bed forgetting about completing it and just realised.

Thanks again for the purchase, fly safe Mike

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