SOLD 58m Amarr Dread V - Lancer Ready + Perfect Rev

Well rounded PVP + Krab character for sale here. Has a nice name too. Aphex Twin fans rejoice!

Specialized in Rev and large laser boats, but isn’t helpless in other pvp situations.

Has spent most of its time in a dread cache and wormholes. No bad standings anywhere.


Excels at: Revelation, Redeemer, Paladin, Nightmare, Nestor, Leshak, Oracle and Bhaalgorn

  • Amarr Dread V - Lancer ready! Needs skillbooks for Lance dreads + lance.
  • Torps V - for HAW Bane and bomber duty.
  • T2 Siege, JDC V,
  • Perfect armor skills, perfect guns.
  • Amarr BS V,
  • Marauders 4, BLOPS 4 + Portal generation
  • T2 Large lasers, T2 Sentries
  • Leshak Guns V, Precursor BS IV
  • Precursor Dread 2 + Precursor XL Gun skill injected
  • Gallente Carrier + All Fighter skills injected.
  • Minmatar Dread + Cap Shield + Gun skills injected

Also has inty, covops and good scanning skills to get aroud easily.

Comes with a learning clone with +5/4s and large laser hardwirings for lazy krabbage.

All CCP rules apply.
Positive wallet
No killrights
Located in Jita
Is in NPC Corp
Security status close to 0.

Price: 60b+

I’ll offer 61B isk in hand

Offer accepted, will convo you soon.

ISK and acc name sent sent

ISK received, acct name received, char transfer initiated.
Thanks for a smooth trade and have a nice flight!

Thank you, you too!

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