[SOLD] 63M SP T2 Revelation and Paladin Spec

Born in 2009 to be a Dreadnought Pilot. Specialized training towards flying a Revelation and decided to incorporate a few other useful skills along the way.

  • Amarr Dreadnought V (with T2 Siege and T2 Guns)
  • Marauders (for when I am not busy shooting structures)
  • BlackOps (made sense to have it available)
  • Capital Ship Construction (built my own first Revelation)
  • CovOps stuff (just good to be able to move and scan around if there’s nothing else to do)

I’m not perfect, but very little wasted SP and pretty clean overall.

Would it be too bold to say that I am likely a short bit of training, or skill injections, away from being an Avatar Pilot?


Pass: 12345

Open to Offers.

You can post here or contact my Main in-game: Speedliner



Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

50 bil

52 bil agreed in game.

Sending ISK and Account Name.

Accepted 52b buyout offer. Awaiting isk and account details to conclude sale.

Isk received and character transferred. Thank you for a seamless trade! Have fun :slight_smile: