[SOLD]WTS 51.4m SP Great Revelation and Paladin

Easily trainable into Armor Fax as well.

Located Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
Sec status -1.1
No kill rights.
Just dropped into NPC corp but the char sheet is behind the times, but she is in NPC.

Edit - should probably include the skillboard link:

Great name :slight_smile: for a Revelation pilot.

T2 Capital, JDC5, Tech 2 bastion, great armor skills. The perfect Revelation pilot!

At the time of this typing, 1 day from marauders 5 and a perfect Paladin pilot.

Passable shield and missile skills for some shield nano gang fun.

Bid starting at 35B
Buyout at 40B *lowered

Thanks for looking.

35bil buy out. isk in hand

36 bill

Thank you both for starting it off. First one to 40 wins, or, if no buyout by Thursday/Friday… highest bidder wins. Thanks again for looking.


i like it,but Amarr Dreadnought Ⅳ,struggle whether to pay 40B or not

40B offer,:slight_smile:

Just happened to glance over while watching the nba playoffs… ill accept that :slight_smile:

send isk and account information and ill start the transfer asap.

ok,i need 10 minutes

isk and account info send

Received! Transfer started to the account you indicated. Thanks @Han_Jaqobis , hope you enjoy her.

Received :)

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