WTS - Revelation Pilot - Amarr Spec PVP'er 31M sp

All CCP rules will be followed. I will pay X-fer Fee.

Char is -3.5
Has Jump clone in Jita with Standard implants.
Has Jump Clone in Egg with standard implants. (-charisma)


1d 17hr on JDC5
32 Days for T2 seige.

Everything else is trained. Can fly Guardian and Deacon. Very good Amarr Char. With BS5 could fly blops also.

Has Minmatar skills to fly Blood Raider Ships.

Please reply here or mail me with offers.

23 bil

23.5b :kissing_heart:

24 bil

25b offered


still selling? offered you a buy out by mail

26 bil, if this is still on sale.

Still selling :wink:

Just had a suprise holiday ^^

27b offered

27,5 bil

28b offer

28,5 bil


30 bil, final offer, to be accepted within 6 hours from post or it’s revoked.

looks like last offer expired will put 30bil on offer

31b b/o

31.5 b/o