WTS Focused Revelation Pilot 30m SP

(undefeated) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/undefeated : 1234

EveBoard is just slightly behind, you’ll see it updated shortly.

Positive balance
+4.8 standings
no killrights
in a highsec station
2 remaps available

& its a pretty sick name

Main focus is: Amarr Dread, Navigation, Engineering
Armor, Targetting and Gunnery.

Please keep your bids to .5b min incrementals
Starting bid: 24b
Buyout: 30b

I’ll be on all day to answer emails and private chats. so you can also message me through game.

(TxivYawg1) #2

22 bil

(undefeated) #3

Noted: I’m not seeking any initial offer below 24b though.

(Perpetualed) #4

24 billion.

(undefeated) #5

Thank you for the offer! I’ll soon decide on an ending bidding date.

(Investor Joe) #6


(undefeated) #7

Thx for the offer! New buyout is up

(tradertrader1) #9


(undefeated) #10

Thank you for the offer

Via in-game email the current offer is 25b

(Quantum Fade) #11

damn I like the name. I’ll bid 26b for it.

(undefeated) #12

offer noted! buyout still stands at 30b

(SarnBix) #13

i offer 27b

(undefeated) #14

Thank you for the offer!

(SarnBix) #15

i am ready to transfer isk right now

(SarnBix) #16

i will be awake for a few more hours then will have to sleep let me know

(undefeated) #17

Although the 27b offer is nice, I’m still looking for around 30b.

(SarnBix) #18

I can offer 28.5b and meet you in the middle :slight_smile:

(undefeated) #19

I sent you an in game email. Let me know if we can work out a price!

(SarnBix) #20

Glad we could come to an aggreement! Isk and account info sent!

(SarnBix) #21

let me know when the character transfer has begun :slight_smile: