WTS Focused Revelation Pilot 30m SP

http://eveboard.com/pilot/undefeated : 1234

EveBoard is just slightly behind, you’ll see it updated shortly.

Positive balance
+4.8 standings
no killrights
in a highsec station
2 remaps available

& its a pretty sick name

Main focus is: Amarr Dread, Navigation, Engineering
Armor, Targetting and Gunnery.

Please keep your bids to .5b min incrementals
Starting bid: 24b
Buyout: 30b

I’ll be on all day to answer emails and private chats. so you can also message me through game.

22 bil

Noted: I’m not seeking any initial offer below 24b though.

24 billion.

Thank you for the offer! I’ll soon decide on an ending bidding date.


Thx for the offer! New buyout is up


Thank you for the offer

Via in-game email the current offer is 25b

damn I like the name. I’ll bid 26b for it.

offer noted! buyout still stands at 30b

i offer 27b

Thank you for the offer!

i am ready to transfer isk right now

i will be awake for a few more hours then will have to sleep let me know

Although the 27b offer is nice, I’m still looking for around 30b.

I can offer 28.5b and meet you in the middle :slight_smile:

I sent you an in game email. Let me know if we can work out a price!

Glad we could come to an aggreement! Isk and account info sent!

let me know when the character transfer has begun :slight_smile: