WTS 36msp Amarr Cap pilot- Revelation, Apostle, Ark

(Loed Kane) #1


  • High Grade Slave +hardwire implant set
  • T2 Triage
  • T2 Siege
  • JDC 5

Very nice All Amarr Cap Alt

All CCP rules apply, pos wallet, in highsec, no killrights

Buyout set at 41b. sell will end at 1600 eve time tomorrow the 18th and will sell to highest bidder if bo is not reached.

Thank You

(Loed Kane) #2

Bumb Bump

(SpankM3) #3

20B isk ready

(Josh Yatolila) #4

I’ll bid 30b.

(SpankM3) #5

31 B isk

(Josh Yatolila) #6


(Josh Yatolila) #7

Still selling?

(Aiko H) #8


(Josh Yatolila) #9

36b isk

(Aspattina) #10


(Josh Yatolila) #11

37 BIL

(Loed Kane) #12

was afk over the weekend, this char is still for sale.

BO added. at 41B

Will let this sale run untill 1600 eve time tomorrow the 18th. will sell to highest bidder if BO is not met.

(Loed Kane) #13

bump it up.

(Josh Yatolila) #14

Ready to sell?

(Josh Yatolila) #15

Will be retracting bid in 12 hours

(Loed Kane) #16

Your high bidder at 37b Josh. Send isk. And name.
Sorry for the delay, work ran long today.

(Josh Yatolila) #17

Thanks mate. At work so will send in a few hours

(Loed Kane) #18

hey josh, im online today, you still want the toon? waiting on isk and account name.

Thank you

(Josh Yatolila) #19

Isk and account info sent

(system) #20

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