WTS Revelation Dread Pilot 13.1m SP

Selling my Revelation dreadnought pilot.

+Positive Wallet
+In NPC corp.
+Located in Amarr.
+No Jump clones.
+Positive Sec status.
+No kill rights.
+Yearly Remap available.

Starting bid 10b

PW: 1234

10 Bill ! , whats the buy out tho?

link eveboard .

Added eveboard link.

Still thinking of a buyout offer. Will update shortly.

want 11.5B?

what’s the password for the eveboard?



12B B/O

Thanks for your bid.

I’m in no rush to sell as it has 3 months sub remaining, however I’d accept a 16b b/o.

Thank you.

15 B/O

I accept

isk and acc sent

Isk received and request put in.


transfer finished
thank u

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