WTS Revelation Pilot 17.8m SP - SOLD -

Selling myself: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Aprile
PW: 1234

17.8 Mil SP character specialized for Revelation.

Character located in a highsec station, Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Good Gunnery Energy Weapon Skills
Positive Security Status
Positive wallet.
No killrights.
No bounty.
No jump clones.
2 Remaps Available
No reputation for piracy, scamming, reneging, or dishonorable activities.

Biddings Start at 10 Bil, Buyout at 14 Bil

All rules apply, I will pay the transfer fee.

11b bo isk ready onlinenow

13b b/o

14b b/o

14.5b b/o

14.5 b/o Accepted from Wasp Golem

isk and acc info sent ty for quick reply

Isk has been received, transfer process fee has been paid & started

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