[WTS] Focused Revelation pilot


Can use Revelation, T2 guns, T2 siege.
2 remaps available, positive wallet, no killrights.

Also - NO corp history or killboard history (it’s really, really clean).
Character is currently located in lowsec, full set of +5s in the head.

Start bid - 20b
B/O - 24b

18B isk ready

20B offered

21b,nice skill


22.5b,thats all i have

We’re getting very close to my expected price :slight_smile:
Reserve has been met, I am availabile for instant transfer for the next 3-4hrs :slight_smile:

23b and can you start transfer right now?

Yes - please send isk and account name.

Isk and account name received, character transferred.
Have fun!

roger that,have fun

character received,thx

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