WTS 37.5Msp Focused Revelation/combatskill pilot


Selling character only

  • Excellent gunnery skills
  • nice armor skills
  • nice capacitor and engineering skills
  • JDC V
  • Doomsday operation lvl 4
  • Can also fly a Falcon and light a cyno
  • Capital Pulse/Beam T2, Siege modules T2


Ill start the bidding at 20B

sent ingame mail

Waiting for buyers!!!!!!!

18b offer

19bill ready


22b offer


I can accept this price , sent mail ingame


OK,Please reply to my confirmation email ingame,Indicate your account number in the reply,Transfer 23B to this character wallet,I will complete the character transfer within 24 hours :)


OK,Please reply to my confirmation email ingame

OK,Please reply to my confirmation email ingame

ISK Sent. Please check ingame Mail

Isk received,I’ll start tansfer now

Transfer completed,please check ;)

Transfer recieved :slight_smile:

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