WTS: 35m Revelation Dread Pilot - Dread 5, T2 Guns/Siege!


-1.0 Sec Status
ISK Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character location: Perimeter TTT
Pod: +4 set (minus charisma)
Remap Available

Notable Skills/Uses:
Amarr Dreadnaught lvl 5
Can use T2 Capital/HAW Pulse
Can use T2 Siege Module
Relevant Gunnery Skills to lvl 5
Neurotoxin Control/Recovery lvl 5/4
JDC/JFC lvl 5/5

Has Imperial Jubilee Revelation Skin

Also has Purity of the Throne Revelation Skin

Price: 30b firm

Offering 18b

I appreciate the offer but I am not looking for extraction price. If someone needs a good dread character Psuedo is great! If not I will be happy to keep him :slight_smile:

to the top!

I can offer 20b

Thanks for the offer but as I mentioned above I’m not looking for extraction price.

22 Bil.

Thanks for the offer but I will pass, I have updated my listing with a 30b firm price. If no one wants to buy at that price v0v.

I’ll give you 17 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

24b offer.

to the top!

If he’s still available I’ll take it for 30b.

I accept

Great! Isk and account name for the transfer has been sent in game.

received, transfer initiated!

Got the notification for the transfer, thank you and fly safe!

You too!

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