SOLD--- WTS 20M SP dedicated Revelation alt

Looking to sell this toon:

In a Highsec station, no killrights, 0.0 Sec status, positive wallet. Comes without any JCs or implants.
Its a barebone Dread alt, JDC 5, T2 Siege, T1 Revelation.
It can also do Gallente Travelceptors

Post offers in here or mail Trottel Elf ingame, tia.

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19 bil

20 bil

wtb njf character about 23m skills


21 bil

Is this toon still for sale ?

Not looking to sell it to botters.

I just use him to brush the blame.

Bidding 20b b/o he will see lots of use…

Many skill is absent, will make 21.5b

22 BN B/O offer open for 24 hours.

This toon is getting sold to Lovr0 for 25b, a sum privately agreed upon. I will cover the transfer cost.

Confirming 25b offer for the toon. Isk sent.

ISK recieved, transfer started.

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